Romance Tale of Vampire

It’s my story about lost and found.
I’ve been in the deepest dark place. For a  long time.

Till I felt I had lost my passion. I was walking like a dead man. No talking. Just nothing.
What was i expecting?
I didn’t  know.

“Am i dead?”
That’s really deep and dark place. Nothing can live there.
Then I felt something. In out there, far from this place, where i was stuck.
“Am i dreaming?”
I can’t find anyone, i was just knowing that there was a place, was different.
I was desperate.
“what im gonna do?”
I was thinking about escaping.
“But how? There are nothing ways possibly i can pass.”
I was just walking and i saw the light. It was so lighting.
I followed this light. Closer, closer, closer. And i found with the eyes. A man eyes. He was looking at me.
Then he taken my hand. Bringing me to some place. In a beautifull place. There were many butterflies up there. I run, jumped, taken a breath. “Oh God, it does real. It’s steel exist.”
And I looked at his eyes. I asked him. “Who are you?”
“I’m a vampire”
“It makes no sense! You are a vampire!
But you save me?”
“Because I was vampire, i dont save anybody huh? I think you different”
“But why you save me? You dont even meet me”
“No, I always meet you. You are stuck up there. You are brave and strong, can survive in that place. And I never meet any brave and strong girl like you”
“What is that place exactly?”

“Just a place. Unhappy place. I live up there.”

“What? You live…?”
“Yes, are you scare now?”
“No, I feel save”
“Of me?”
“No. Not at all. You save me.”
“Don’t you thinking, i’m gonna hurt you?”
“No. You just are not looking gonna hurt me”
“I should go”
“why’d u go?”
Then he was gone. Leave me here alone.

So I was stay up there. Waiting for him. I thought i had felt something in my heart. But it had just gone.
I saw the butterflies. I found the others. Bumblebees, fireflies. It’s beautifull and calming place. I was happy live in here. Smiling, playing with those animals.
But, there’s in the deepest of my heart. I miss him.
I decided to looking for him. Leave this place, and i promise, i will be back here.
I was walking in the edge of riffer.
When I was on my way, I thought that now i was difefrent. I can feel my heart. Such as i can touch it. It’s look like it was dissapear for a long time, and i had found it.

But this heart was gone. That’s why i’m looking for him. Because, he was my heart now.
I trough the riffer and I found him. Standing in the rock. Like waiting for someone.
I just run and hugging him.
“Why’d you leave me? I’ve been looking for you”
“i’m here”

“Open your eyes”
Then i felt something completly happy. i felt save and i’ve found my heart.


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