It’s 2015 wed!


2015 has been coming. today 2nd of January in 2015. first Friday.

Jumah Barakallah. Amin.

well, what is your resolution for this year? or do you have any target in this year?


I’m not barely brave to share my target to this year. but, i have some words to share. and this words is about TRYING.

i had been lost in my journey of my life. you know, that 2012 is a year of regretful. I was on my ship to convince for sailing. when i was in the place which is i want it, i got it, but i left it. Oh My God.

i’ve lost my convenience to sailing back. but, the only way that always i did is trying and trying. trying to figure this out even i know i couldn’t. trying to get back from those ruins even i know that was barely hard.

till now, i’m still in regret. in 2015. hahaha

indeed, things never happen twice in its same ways. you lost it once, you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

so i try to make a good relation to this regret thing. i walk with it, i live with it. i never make it a bad thing. it is my good friend.

and now, in the rest of my life, on my rest heart, i tell to my self “Good Morning Beautiful”.

that’s it.

“ will knock us down, but we can choose whether or not to get back up..”


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